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Dr. David Williams

A Leading Authority on Natural Healing

Medical researcher, biochemist, chiropractor, and renowned alternative medicine advocate.



Meet Dr. Williams

Dr. David Williams is a medical researcher, biochemist, chiropractor, and a leading authority on natural healing.

Dr. Williams has devoted himself to researching cutting-edge therapies with natural ingredients from around the world for over 30 years. He approaches medicine to resolve the patient’s problem, not just treat its symptoms. Usually years ahead of conventional medicine, Dr. Williams explores far-flung places like the African Bush or Australian Outback and is committed to finding the best resources available for almost every major health concern.

"Do what works to treat the root cause of the problem."
Dr. Williams

As his expertise grew, Dr. Williams looked for ways to share his knowledge with other health conscious individuals. In 1985, he launched his newsletter Alternatives with the goal of providing people with natural health alternatives instead of retreating to the one-size-fits-all approach of conventional medicine. His endeavors took him to six continents and countless countries where he identified almost 30 remedies that he has incorporated into his products.

A Probiotics Pioneer

Dr. Williams is known as a pioneer in the field of probiotics. As early as 1989, he shared the importance of bacterial balance based on his research during his global travels. In addition to making innovative discoveries, Dr. Williams continues to be a watchdog for the consumer by only recommending therapies that he would feel confident giving to his mom.

"The last question I always ask myself is
‘Would I trust this enough to give it to my mom?’ "
Dr. Williams

Since joining Healthy Directions, Dr. Williams still remains true to his roots by helping to heal people with effective, natural solutions that work.

The Early Years
Dr. Williams' career has followed a diverse path that led him on a personal journey to find natural healing solutions and empower health conscious individuals. After graduating from Southwest Texas State University, Dr. Williams worked as an adjuster for a health insurance company where he observed that accident victims who received chiropractic care saw better long-term results than those who received conventional medical treatments. Inspired, he enrolled at the Texas Chiropractic College where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. Dr. Williams established the largest non-invasive medical facility in central Texas at the time and was known for his individual, holistic approach to treatment. Discovering his passion to help patients find effective, natural solutions to difficult problems, he decided to devote his time to research and sold his practice.


Unparalleled Credentials

Dr. Williams earned his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at the Texas Chiropractic College and has conducted research projects at the University of Houston, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Rice University. In addition to his professional reputation as a researcher, Dr. Williams is a past president and charter member of the International Preventive Health Care Foundation and an active member of the Academy of Preventive Medicine. Joining the Healthy Directions team in 1995, Dr. Williams is an active author, speaker, and adviser for the research and development of nutritional supplements.

I won’t recommend any natural health solution until I’ve personally investigated every fact, laboratory study, and piece of clinical evidence. — Dr. Williams

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