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Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Internationally Recognized Pain Management Expert

A pioneering expert in pain medicine who practices multimodal treatment for optimal pain management.



Meet Dr. Pergolizzi

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, Jr. is a senior partner at the Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates Group of Southwest Florida and an internationally recognized expert in pain medicine, anesthesia, internal medicine, and clinical research.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Pergolizzi completed a residency in anesthesia and a fellowship in research. As he became increasingly interested in the science of pain, he began to focus his career on studying what pain is, why it occurs, and how best to treat it.

"Fortunately, all types of pain can be managed and controlled with the proper treatment plan."
Dr. Pergolizzi

Today Dr. Pergolizzi is recognized by his peers not only as a pain expert, but also as a doctor who continues to actively investigate the effectiveness, safety, and utility of both conventional and nonconventional pain treatments. His experience has led him to believe strongly that there often are ways to relieve or manage pain that are overlooked or discounted, and that because pain is a complicated and individual experience, the most effective treatment approaches are always multimodal (using various therapies that address different mechanisms of action).

Dr. Pergolizzi is also author of more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, presentations, and book chapters, and serves as editor-in-chief of The Clinical Researcher. Additionally, he is an editorial board member/reviewer for many well-known medical journals, including JAMA, Pain Practice, Experimental Medicine, Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Managed Care, and Pain Medicine, and a regular lecturer at medical schools, health systems, and medical symposia across the United States and Europe.

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