Healthy Directions & Dr. Richard Wurtman Launch Sleep Answer®, an Innovative Melatonin Sleep-Aid Supplement for People 50+

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Healthy Directions, a leading source of natural health advice and doctor-formulated nutritional products, announced today the launch of Sleep Answer®, an exclusive low-dose melatonin dietary supplement that helps people ages 50+ safely solve their sleep problems.

POTOMAC, MD – March 28, 2013 – Healthy Directions, LLC, today announced the launch of Sleep Answer®, an innovative nutritional sleep aid supplement developed in collaboration with Dr. Richard Wurtman that helps people ages 50+ safely fall and stay asleep.

Sleep Answer contains the melatonin hormone, which regulates the body’s natural sleep cycle, and also is a popular alternative sleep aid. For many people—particularly as they age—melatonin production is disrupted, causing blood levels to decline, which results in problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

“Through my decades of research, I discovered that the quantity of melatonin that most people, particularly those age 50 and older, need to restore plasma levels to what they are in youth—and concurrently, to promote sleep—is 0.3 mg,” says Dr. Richard Wurtman, a professor emeritus of neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences who is widely recognized for his groundbreaking research on sleep and melatonin. “However, this dosage is generally unavailable, so people take doses 10-fold greater, or more, which ultimately desensitizes melatonin receptors in the brain. That’s why I’m glad that Healthy Directions and I could work together to develop Sleep Answer®.”

Sleep Answer® is also unique because it uses a cutting-edge, dual release, capsule-in-capsule delivery system that provides two of the 0.3 mg research doses of melatonin. The first dose, which is in liquid form, is delivered when the outer capsule dissolves, helping people fall asleep quickly. Then, three to four hours later, the inner capsule dissolves, releasing another 0.3 mg dose in the form of beadlets, which help people stay asleep. This dual release system supports Dr. Wurtman’s other finding that maintaining adequate blood levels of melatonin over the course of the night is critical for getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning.

“I am delighted that we were able to work with Dr. Wurtman to develop Sleep Answer®, and I am especially excited that Healthy Directions is the first company to bring such an innovative, safe, and effective sleep aid to the consumer nutritional supplement marketplace,” says Healthy Directions CEO Connie Hallquist.

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