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Get Skinny with the Tasty Treat That Triples Your Weight Loss

Skinny You Weight Loss Chews (15-day supply)

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The delicious way to burn fat and drop pounds fast

Skinny You Weight Loss Chewsare delicious tasting treats that can triple your weight loss with the power of GreenSelect® Phytosome.

In a recent multi-center clinical trial of over 100 male and female participants, those taking GreenSelect Phytosome with a reduced-calorie diet (1,850 calories a day for men and 1,350 calories a day for women) lost an average of 30 pounds in 90 days, while those on a reduced-calorie diet alone only lost 10 pounds. That’s triple the weight loss from this extraordinary fat-burning extract!

Health benefits beyond weight loss

With just two Skinny You Weight Loss Chews, taken twice daily, you get the clinically-studied dose of GreenSelect Phytosome to safely fast forward you to your weight loss goals.

But that’s not all. This research dose of GreenSelect Phytosome was also shown to improve body mass index (BMI) for a healthier lean-to-fat body composition AND significantly reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides in the same 90-day research period.

A green tea extract like no other

GreenSelect Phytosome is a standardized, decaffeinated green tea extract created with an advanced phytosome encapsulation technology. This scientific process combines the health-promoting and fat-burning nutrients in green tea (catechins and EGCG) with phosphatidylcholine, a soy compound that makes the green tea extract more stable and 3 times more absorbable than ordinary green tea extract.

This unique phytosome form also helps to keep the green tea extract active in your bloodstream far longer, for greater fat-burning results.

Losing weight has never been so simple…or delicious!

The mouth-watering berry flavor and soft, satisfying texture of Skinny You Weight Loss Chews combine for something you’ve probably never experienced on any diet before…a delicious treat that conquers your sweet tooth and helps you drop pounds fast.


GreenSelect Phytosome
Green Tea Extract (leaf) and
Phosphatidylcholine Complex (from soy)

Daily Dose (4 Chews)

300 mg

Suggested Use

Take 4 chews daily; 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch or dinner.

Notes & Warnings

If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a healthcare provider before taking this product.

Keep out of reach of children.


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Science Behind the Ingredients

GreenSelect® Phytosome

GreenSelect Phytosome is an extremely potent and highly absorbable decaffeinated green tea extract that not only helps increase metabolism to burn more calories, but also helps increase lean body mass and reduce body fat percentage, which are both great for your weight loss efforts and total wellness.

Controlled clinical study results show that GreenSelect Phytosome, along with a reduced calorie diet, helped men and women lose an average of 30 pounds in 90 days and helped accelerate weight loss at day 45—a critical time when many people give up on their weight loss efforts.

In addition, participants taking the GreenSelect Phytosome along with a low calorie diet (1350 calories for women, 1850 calories for men), lost 3 times more weight than those who followed a reduced calorie diet alone.

This same clinical research study showed that participants taking GreenSelect Phytosome also experienced a 12% reduction in body mass index (BMI) for a healthier body composition and had a statistically significant reduction in total cholesterol and triglycerides.

It’s the phytosome form that makes GreenSelect so effective

GreenSelect Phytosome is a patented decaffeinated green tea extract, standardized to 60% catechins and 40% EGCG. Using an advanced encapsulation process, this extract has been combined with phosphatidylcholine, a special soy compound, making the extract highly stable and three times more absorbable than ordinary green tea extract. In addition, the phystosome form keeps GreenSelect active in your bloodstream far longer, for greater fat-burning results.