Dear Friend,

If you’ve been taking a probiotic, acidophilus for example, you probably still have problems. You’re definitely not alone!

There are three reasons why most probiotics don’t really work:

  • 1 Your expensive probiotics are being KILLED by stomach acid.
  • 2The few that survive aren’t getting ALL THE WAY to where your problems are—down to the large intestine where constipation and gas happen.
  • 3You’re not getting the right KINDS of probiotic—the probiotic you’re taking might not include anything that specifically prevents diarrhea or constipation, for example.

Better probiotic solution has a wealth of scientific evidence behind it

From now on, there is NO reason for you to suffer from the common types of digestive problems.

  • I want your elimination to be as regular as clockwork. Trouble free.
  • Excess gas will go away.
  • Intestinal cramps won’t bother you.
  • You won’t get so bloated after meals.
  • And you’ll get a lot more nutrition out of the healthy foods you eat, because your digestion will be much better.

This is all due to three MAJOR breakthroughs in the science of probiotics:

  • We have a much better way to ensure that probiotic organisms aren’t killed by stomach acid.
  • Finally, we have technology for getting billions of these important probiotics to your whole small intestine and entire large intestine—where problems like gas, constipation, and diarrhea actually happen.
  • We’ve discovered that a special combination of SEVEN types of probiotics—definitely not just your garden-variety acidophilus—are MUCH BETTER for solving digestive problems, and we’ve put all seven of them in one affordable supplement.

I’ve researched these seven probiotics extensively—each has impressive scientific studies that clearly show that you will get help for specific problems. And now, finally, we have all seven in one supplement.

Easy. Fast. Inexpensive.
Guaranteed to work.

This advanced supplement is called Probiotic Advantage®. It works FAST—much faster than you’d expect. Very soon, your digestion and elimination will work smoothly and effortlessly.

Why? Because Probiotic Advantage is what I call a “smart solution.” It doesn’t just temporarily ease problems like constipation and gas—instead it takes care of the CAUSE of excess gas and constipation.

It’s easy to take: a very small pea-sized caplet just once a day. And it’s super inexpensive. There’s no longer any reason to spend $30 or $40.

Probiotic Advantage works great, and with the special promotion we have right now, costs as little as $19.99 for a whole month’s supply.

A wonderful deal any way you look at it.

Your life will be so much better

Just imagine a new life with fewer digestive and elimination complaints. You’ll feel great after your meals—without the excess gas and bloating. You’ll just feel normal.

And you’ll notice your health improving in a number of other ways—younger-looking skin, a strong immune system, and even better breath! Because, as I’ve always explained, good digestion is one of the cornerstones of excellent health.

You won’t have to worry about your elimination. It will be regular, plain and simple. A good bowel movement in the morning and maybe another one before you go to bed. Predictable. Less strain. You’ll find that you spend a lot less time in the bathroom. You simply won’t need to—you’ll be in and out, job done. And when it’s time for a bowel movement it will be clear. No running back and forth to the john.

So many people are writing and emailing to tell me their life has improved 100%. They’re going out more. Traveling more without worry.

Eating at friends’ homes and at nice restaurants without worrying about their digestion. Going to the movies with no “noise” coming from their system.

I want the same for you.

It’s about time—you deserve a life that’s free of gut problems.

Now, I want to show you more about how Probiotic Advantage can help you, how our exciting advances work…and I want to share some truly amazing success stories!

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Probiotic Advantage will help you QUICKLY if:

  • You get bad gas or bloat up after meals, or…
  • You sometimes get constipated, or…
  • You occasionally get diarrhea, or…
  • You get cramps in your intestines, or…
  • Your elimination isn’t total and complete, or…
  • You’re not totally digesting your food, or…
  • You get “bellyache,” or…
  • You rush to the john but nothing happens, or…
  • Your poop is too smelly, or…
  • You have bad breath and don’t know why…

Don’t wait…Probiotic Advantage is the quickest, most affordable fix we’ve ever had!

It’s now ridiculously easy to solve GAS & BLOATING

Let’s get probiotics deep down to where excess gas is actually being formed—and FIX THE CAUSE!

If you’ve ever suffered from gas and bloating, you know how unpredictable it can be.

You eat a normal meal, just some bread, a couple of vegetables, and a piece of meat, chicken, or fish, a little dessert…

…and BAM! within a half hour your belly swells up, and for the rest of the day you’re dealing with cramps in the intestines and bursts of gas that go on and on.

Surely, this can’t be right. Certainly no one should be doomed to put up with this! Now, you don’t have to. You can eat well WITHOUT the excess gas and bloating. It’s so easy.

WHY your digestive supplement doesn’t really work

If you complain to your doctor, he’ll say that some people just have more gas than others. Not helpful advice! If his mind is open at all to nutritional supplements, he’ll recommend a typical probiotic.

Too bad. Because you can keep a bottle of acidophilus in your fridge and religiously take one or two or six of them every day, and STILL have the same bouts of gas, bloating, and painful cramps. Why?

Simply said, a lot of us have too much “bad” bacteria in our intestines. As these bacteria feast on your meal, they create a lot of methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide gas. The only way to stop this is to replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria that don’t gas up your insides, but instead help you digest food and absorb nutrients.

That’s what probiotics are—good bacteria that help break down your food into nutrient building blocks WITHOUT messing up the place with a lot of gas. But to crowd out the bad guys, you need a new troop of BILLIONS of good probiotic bacteria every day.

You don’t get that from a typical diet. And unfortunately, you’re probably not getting that from your current probiotic supplement, regardless of what claims they make.

Why, you ask! Three reasons:

WHAM! Although your supplement claims to have billions of live organisms, most of them are getting destroyed in your stomach. Stomach acid is seriously powerful—it can dissolve a penny. It has no trouble destroying delicate probiotics.

CRASH! Even if some of these probiotics get to your small intestine, typicaly they are just dumped into the first few inches. But your small intestine is over 15 feet long! There's no guarantee that ANY probiotics will make it all the way to your large intestine, where your worst problems may be lurking!

WHIMPER! So you're left with just a small band of brothers up against a large army of bad bacteria. To make matters worse, the probiotics in today's supplements are ofter NOT the strongest types. It's like sending the runt of the litter out to play tackle football against giants. Luckily, we've developed superior strains of probiotics that are tougher that steel when it comes to tackling bad bacteria.

What really WORKS for gas and bloating

Your current probiotic may have one or two strains of good bacteria that could potentially help with problems like excessive gas and bloating. But Probiotic Advantage goes a lot further—it gives you EVERY major probiotic strain proven in clinical studies to help with gas and bloating, as well as constipation and irregularity. You get the SEVEN most powerful probiotics, including L. plantarum, L. fermentum, and L. rhamnosus—your current product probably doesn’t have these three superstars!

And Probiotic Advantage has the super-effective technology for getting those gas-eliminators where they’re needed—deep down in your small and large intestine. With Probiotic Advantage’s patented tract ® and LiveBac® technologies, you’ll be amazed at how quickly excess gas, bloating, and cramps disappear—and how much better your whole body will feel!

Big Prime Rib Dinner Tests Probiotic Advantage!

“Average Guy” Don Zoller gets fantastic results—and that was before we had the BIO-tract and LiveBac technologies!

“Out of desperation, I took a chance and ordered Probiotic Advantage. Within a day or two after taking it, there was clearly an improvement in my digestive system. Within a few more days, I sensed an overall well-being—my digestive system was finally at rest. For many years I have suffered bloating, gas and general misery in the intestinal tract. My doctor prescribed medication to deal with the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the problem.

“Last night, I decided to put Probiotic Advantage to the test. My wife and I went to a steakhouse and ordered prime rib with horseradish, a fully loaded baked potato, stuffed mushrooms, a house salad with creamy Italian dressing, and a peach à la mode cobbler—a meal I would not recommend as a regular event. (Remember, this was a test!) I typically would have battled this meal without sleep and with great misery, until at least three in the morning. When I got up the next day, I would feel as though I had been poisoned. But Probiotic Advantage remarkably and without question changed that. I came home comfortably full, but when I went to bed the ‘fullness’ was gone and I slept peacefully until morning.

“After a few weeks of taking Probiotic Advantage I can truthfully say that I am experiencing tremendous relief and freedom when it comes to eating—something I increasingly dreaded in the past. I am essentially free of the miserable discomfort that usually followed the evening meal.

“Thank you, Dr. Williams, for a solution to my health problem. It really works!”*

Don Zoller, KS

Probiotic Advantage frees you to enjoy the foods that you love.

* Individual results will vary.

Dr. Williams does his

You may know Dr. David Williams
as the editor of the down-to-earth health newsletter Alternatives, which he’s been publishing for nearly 30 years.

“I’ve taught readers how to make their own yogurt and their own naturally fermented sauerkraut for the natural probiotics and healing lactic acid these foods contain,” says Williams. “Over the years, I’ve researched and tested hundreds of different strains of probiotic bacteria, from acidophilus to thermophilus, and have narrowed the field to the top seven that can help you the most, based on the most reliable scientific evidence.

“And I’ve tested every kind of delivery system, from dry capsules to beadlets, wafers, liquids, powders, timed-release, and controlled-release, and I can tell you that nothing works like the BIO-tract technology to get the live, active probiotics exactly where they’re needed the most—down to the lower parts of the intestine that other supplements can’t reach. You really want a probiotic that reaches all the nooks and crannies.

Although Dr. Williams searches the world for new solutions, does his homework, and tests everything personally, he knows that the real proof is when a natural solution works for ordinary people:

Probiotic Advantage is different from other nutritional supplements—people write and call me all the time and tell me how it changed their whole life in a matter of days. I’m serious, days. When hundreds of folks write in and tell me their problems have been totally solved and they’re loving life, I really know I’ve done my job. Then I’m satisfied.

Major Breakthrough in Probiotic Technology

The dirty secret in digestive nutrition is that probiotics—yes, the acidophilus and all the other types you’ve always taken—are mostly DESTROYED by your strong stomach acid. The vast majority of probiotics don’t get any further than the top section of your small intestine before they keel over and die.

That’s unfortunate, because problems like gas, bad cramps, constipation, discomfort, and diarrhea don’t happen in the stomach. Instead, these problems flare up much further along in your small and large intestines.

Finally, we have a way to get the precious probiotics—alive and active—to your entire digestive tract. All the way through your small and large intestine—you have about 30 feet of digestive tubing!

This wonderful “controlled-release” technology called BIO-tract keeps the good probiotic organisms protected until they’re PAST the stomach and its acid. Then, the probiotics are delivered evenly to your ENTIRE digestive system. Every place they are needed to fight and eliminate the bad organisms causing the gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, etc. And the probiotics are STILL ALIVE AND WORKING, made possible by a second technology called LiveBac.

RESULT: From day one, you can feel Probiotic Advantage working like no other digestive or elimination aid you’ve ever taken. Your problems clear up!

The No-Refrigeration MYTH

You may have seen probiotics that claim “no refrigeration is needed.” That has always been very questionable. Today a better technology called LiveBac ensures that the billions of probiotic helpers in Probiotic Advantage remain alive until you use it. With Probiotic Advantage you’ll finally have ZERO worries about refrigeration. In fact, thanks to LiveBac, Probiotic Advantage guarantees 100% that the product will be effective, up to a year and a half after you buy it!

Other products don’t have this!

Technology in Probiotic Advantage Wins Frost & Sullivan Award

The technology in Probiotic Advantage is officially recognized for improving America’s digestive health. BIO-tract and LiveBac have won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation.

Why all the praise and applause? Because for the first time, you and I have the ability to bring health-giving probiotics to every inch of the digestive system— areas we could never help before.

Just 1 small caplet a day gives you:

Proprietary Probiotic Blend........ 2 billion CFU

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) ........... 25 mg

Contains: Milk

Contains trace amounts of milk protein from the manufacturing process. Suitable for individuals following lactose-restricted and lactose-free diets.

Probiotic Advantage will solve your problems or it’s FREE!

Clinical Studies Show These Are Best for You!

Probiotic Advantage’s

SEVEN Secret Weapons

One big reason Probiotic Advantage will work better than any natural digestive aid you’ve ever tried is the superior combination of unique probiotic strains.

Like a highly trained team of Navy SEALs, each team member is incredibly good at one or more special tasks. Together, they protect and regulate your entire GI tract, give you excellent, regular elimination, and greatly increase the benefit you get from the food you eat and all the nutrients you take. And that’s just the beginning!

Guaranteed to deliver over TWO BILLION live probiotic cells

L. fermentum:

This probiotic acts like your intestine’s “Environmental Protection Agency.” Its special job is to neutralize and remove toxins and free radicals before they can hurt you. Great elimination is about getting rid of bad chemicals, not just passing food waste. Plus, the generous amount of L. fermentum you get in Probiotic Advantage protects your whole GI tract by creating the powerful antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

L. plantarum:

Like the superhero Batman, L. plantarum is a powerhouse at eliminating the criminals—the bacteria in your gut that’s the cause of so much trouble. Plantarum, which you probably don’t have in the probiotic you’re taking now, produces hydrogen peroxide—yes, just like in your first aid kit—helping to make your digestive system clean and safe. Hello plantarum, goodbye gas, bloating, and cramps!

B. longum:

Works as a powerful “Mr. Clean” for your whole intestinal system. As it improves digestion and ensures regular bowel movements and prevents constipation, B. longum also works as a powerful antioxidant, defeating free radicals. Plus it clears out all kinds of toxins and heavy metals, and combats irritation in your gut. And it even encourages a strong immune system and may reduce the smell of your feces!

B. bifidum:

The great engine of digestion, bifidum helps you digest dairy, as well as complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It helps prevent the growth of molds, yeasts and harmful bacteria in your body. Plus it stops the occasional, unpredictable type of diarrhea—a must-have for trips away from home.

L. acidophilus:

A true superhero, acidophilus helps you absorb every kind of nutrient, promotes a strong immune system, balances the acidity of your GI tract, and keeps the lining of your intestines healthy. You’ll know you’re finally delivering acidophilus where you need it, because you’ll feel so much better: gut cramps and sporadic diarrhea stop. Our acidophilus even protects women’s urinary and vaginal health.

L. rhamnosus:

The “James Bond” of probiotics, rhamnosus loves to travel to foreign places and kicks you-know-what. If you travel ANYWHERE there may be bad bacteria in the food or water—to a new restaurant or to the other side of the country—your secret agent rhamnosus will help protect you against the bad guys that can give you diarrhea and make you feel lousy. Also great for vaginal health.

L. salivarius:

Another “secret agent” probiotic, salivarius has an incredible ability to get to the remote places in your digestive system where all the other probiotics you’re taking can’t reach. When salivarius arrives in these dark nooks and crannies, it fights against bad bacteria that have been hiding out there all along. Result: more good bacteria in your system and a LOT fewer bad guys. Great for your immune health!

Secret Weapon #8: FOS prebiotics ...... 25 mg

Just like a turbocharged car, there’s a way to further increase the power of ALL SEVEN probiotics. We’ve added FOS prebiotics to Probiotic Advantage. FOS provides extra nourishment for our seven superheroes, boosting their ability to eliminate bad bacteria and help you in so many other ways.

You may have taken prebiotics in the past. Ours is better; here’s why: most prebiotics nourish both the good and bad bacteria in your gut at the same time. Sound foolish? I agree! That’s why Probiotic Advantage contains a special kind of prebiotic that ONLY helps the good guys. Your bad bacteria go hungry. Benefit: much faster improvement of your digestion and elimination.

“NO other product gives you this combination or these great results!”

Gut cramps?

Be comfortable from now on!

Even when you eat nuts, cheese, beans, meat, fruit, chocolate, and more

Do you wish you could eat a full meal without “paying the price” later? Want to avoid cramps and irritated bowels? Now you can.

Try Probiotic Advantage. You’ll be able to eat “hard-to-digest” foods such as beans, meat, nuts, fruit, milk,* cheese,* and any vegetable you can name WITHOUT discomfort or intestinal cramping.

Why? Because Probiotic Advantage gives you a huge amount of help breaking down food. It contains special probiotics for help with dairy, protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates.

The acid advantage: Probiotic Advantage also balances the acidity in your GI tract to the proper pH level of 6.7–6.9, which is the perfect environment for “good” probiotics to flourish. At the same time, this narrow range of acidity makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for bad bacteria and yeast to thrive. Result: a lot less gas and cramping and more complete digestion so you are finally absorbing all the nutrients from your food and vitamin supplements.

*Note: If you think you may be allergic to a certain food, consult with your doctor. Probiotic Advantage is not intended to cure allergies, celiac disease, or lactose or gluten intolerance.

Your ENTIRE bowel covered for the FIRST time!

Because they don’t have advanced BIO-tract technology, other probiotic products don’t really work beyond the top section of your small intestine.

Probiotic Advantage is a revolutionary improvement: For the first time, the right problem-solving, health-giving probiotics will be delivered to your whole intestinal system, from top to bottom.

Products WITHOUT
BIO-tract give you very little coverage

Limited Area of Coverage

You STILL have:

  • Excess Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor Nutrient Absorption

Probiotic Advantage gives you TOTAL digestive and elimination coverage!

Extensive Area of Coverage

Helps you have:

  • No Excess Gas
  • No Constipation
  • No Diarrhea
  • GREAT Nutrient Absorption

All with just one small caplet a day!

Probiotic Advantage helps thousands of ordinary people…

Imagine the relief you’ll get with our advanced probiotic technology!

Problem foods OK now!

“My husband and I have tried other products but have always returned to Probiotic Advantage and plan to stay with it. I keep a supply in my purse for eating out. Our digestion has greatly improved especially when eating ‘troubling foods.’ I definitely recommend Probiotic Advantage.”

—Online Reviewer, Georgia

Trouble since teen years GONE

“I just turned 64. I always had trouble even as a teenager with ‘digestion issues’ but now it’s been solved. I’m regular and not bloated anymore. When I ordered my last batch of Probiotic Advantage, a friend asked me to order for her also. So now the two of us are enjoying it. Thank you!”

—Maxxie, Tennessee

Terrific Tummy!

“I’ve been using Probiotic Advantage for over 5 years. It’s the only thing that keeps my tummy in order.”

—Lula W., West Virginia

Try Probiotic Advantage today for just $19.99 per bottle!

You’ll FEEL the difference fast!

Goodbye discomfort. Hello life!

Here’s the big surprise that amazes people who switch to super-effective Probiotic Advantage:

Suddenly, you’ll feel NOTHING UNUSUAL at all happening anywhere in your gut. No discomfort from a bloated belly, because your belly won’t be bloated.

No cramps moving through your small and large intestine, because excess gas won’t be building up anymore. You won’t spend your day feeling like the next fart is on its way, because it won’t be.

No “constipated” feeling like your system is filling up with waste, because it won’t be. Your bowel movements will be regular and complete, and you’ll feel light and clear.

No urge to go to the bathroom all the time, because you won’t need to. You see, a digestion and elimination system that works great shouldn’t feel like anything. It just works. What a change!


Dr. David Williams

Great digestion triggers TOTAL HEALTH!

You’ll notice all sorts of improvements as soon as your digestion and elimination are regular as clockwork. You can absorb more nutrients, and your body can easily and quickly pass waste, toxins, and impurities:

  • Strong immune system
  • Great energy
  • Healthy skin
  • And even better breath!

And don’t be surprised if annoying health concerns you’ve had your whole adult life suddenly disappear as soon as your digestion and elimination improve.

Lock in your price with REFILL & SAVE and receive FREE SHIPPING FOREVER! No worries about re-ordering and you control your schedule!