Comfort Your Joints Starting in Just 5 Days

No doubt about it: Physical activity is one of the keys to remaining healthy, fit, happy, and self-confident your whole life long.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t always cooperate. Soreness and stiffness in your joints can make simple everyday activity “a pain.” Far too many people simply give up, frustrated that getting healthy has to hurt.

I created Joint Advantage Gold® 5X for people who never want to surrender. For folks who want to stay active, strong, flexible, and “in motion” their whole life long. For the young at heart—like you!

My Joint Advantage Gold 5X addresses all three of the nagging obstacles that can make regular physical activity so uncomfortable…


Discomfort in your joints

Who feels like working out when you’re hurting? Joint discomfort often plagues men and women over age 40. And that’s just not fair—it’s hard enough to get motivated to exercise in the first place; it’s even harder when you’re hurting!

That’s when most people reach for a fast-acting remedy. But while these remedies may ease the pain, they do little to support the long-term health of your joints. And so you must keep taking them over and over, with little hope of long-lasting improvement.

But now there is something that starts to relieve your joint discomfort in as little as 7 days—and it also works to support the health of your joints. You’re going to be truly surprised when you learn the source from which this truly amazing joint remedy is derived. Even better: You’ll be blown away by how effectively it helps alleviate your everyday aches and soreness!


Faulty repairs in the delicate tissues of your joints

Your joints are miraculously complex structures. Bone, cartilage, tendons, synovial fluid—plus a complicated network of nerves and blood vessels—all have to work together perfectly for you to have smooth, comfortable flexibility. One of the most important things you can do to support overall joint health is to keep your body’s inflammatory response in check. When inflammation is present, your body goes into panic mode and can compromise the health of your joints.

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides us with a variety of natural compounds that help keep inflammation in check. You probably know about some of these, including omega-3 fish oil… ginger… green tea… most vegetables and fruits… and a number of herbs and spices.

But my favorite is a plant-based remedy that’s been used successfully for more than 2,500 years in traditional medicine. Now, a scientific innovation has just rendered it more effective in reducing discomfort.

Why Your Joints May Hurt As You Age:

  1. Your body’s inflammatory response changes, and when inflammation is present, your joints’ processes are compromised.
  2. Activity levels often go down with age, which means our joints don’t go through their full range of motion every day—so stiffness sets in.
knee joint graphic
“I can now exercise!”

“I have been using your joint product for several months now. It has been working well for my knee… I can now exercise! Thank you for an excellent product.”*

—Mort F.

Would You Love to Start Getting Back in Action Within a Matter of Days?

Ingredients I’ve included in Joint Advantage Gold 5X attack these concerns so you can get back in action FAST—and start enjoying your life again. Here’s the amazing “Triple Advantage” you’ll receive…

It relieves joint discomfort in as little as 7 days! Discomfort begins to lessen just days after you start taking it—and continues until you’re finally comfortable in your own skin! Clinical tests show it. (More information to come.)

It supports healthy inflammatory response day and night! Research on this breakthrough show that it helps improve your flexibility and increases your comfort. (Keep reading to learn about the research.)

And, it supports healthy joints!

Keep reading and I’ll explain exactly how the “Triple Advantage” in my Joint Advantage Gold 5X can do all this for your joints…

There’s more to the story. Much more. But if you’re already thinking…

“Wow—what a product!
If it really does all that, I want some. NOW!”

Let me assure you that it does. In fact, I’m so sure Joint Advantage Gold 5X can do all this for you that if you don't start feeling results, it's FREE!

But first, let me introduce you to the three remarkable “joint activator” ingredients in Joint Advantage Gold 5X that can have you “back in action” and feeling great, fast…

 Relief came quickly!

George is a retiree who was an avid golfer. That is, until he had to give it up—and his “exercise” was limited to mowing the lawn and driving to the doctor. But now he’s golfing again! Here’s his story:

“About 30 months ago, I began to experience periodic pain in my right knee, when climbing stairs and while walking.
“I started taking your joint relief product and have continued now for some three or four months.
“These days, I practice my golf swing on a daily basis. This has given me a new lease on life!
“Yours is one product which I will definitely recommend to anyone who is experiencing joint discomfort…It is definitely worth a try…because it works!”*
—George H., SC

“I feel better than ever!”

That’s what James says about Dr. Williams’ original joint relief formula. Here’s more of his remarkable story:
“I am a retired man…[with] an active life. The terrain here is quite hilly and…[my wife and I] walk between 1.5 and 2 miles each day.
“After taking your joint relief formula all joint [discomfort] is greatly relieved and our walking becomes much more enjoyable!”*
—James B., AK

Are You Longing to Get Back in Action, too?

I'm sure you'll love Joint Advantage Gold 5X or it's FREE! Even shipping is FREE!



Meet Mother Nature’s Powerful “Firefighter”!

Did you realize that Mother Nature provides a number of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can help extinguish the “fires” that may be smoldering in your joints?

It’s absolutely true! And one of the most remarkable of these natural “firefighters,” according to the latest scientific research and ancient traditional medicine, is an extract found in a tree that has grown in India since the beginning of time.

The tree is the Boswellia serrata—and the powerful remedy it contains is called boswellia or frankincense. (Yes, the very same frankincense that appears in the Bible!)

Ancient doctors and healers have used boswellia for centuries to soothe and comfort joints.

In fact, boswellia’s powers are so remarkable that scientists and researchers have been investigating its ability to relieve joint discomfort safely and effectively.

Their research has culminated in a stunning new discovery:

Clinical Studies Show It’s Effective!

Clinical studies show that AprèsFlex is more effective than other boswellia products you may be familiar with, mainly because it includes a completely natural oil that enhances its bioavailability. This means it is absorbed into your body and put to work more quickly and more effectively than other forms.

The creation of a new “super-boswellia”!

This concentrated form of boswellia is called AprèsFlex—and in recent clinical studies, it’s been shown to relieve joint discomfort and improve ease of movement in as few as 7 days.

That’s because AprèsFlex is 10 times more concentrated than regular boswellia extract!

This means it’s able to relieve your joint aches and pains faster and better than other joint products containing ordinary boswellia.

The secret behind AprèsFlex

AprèsFlex has such extraordinary power because it is enriched with 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid, better known as “AKBA.” It is thought that AKBA gives this compound its amazing abilities.

When I saw the medical studies displaying the remarkable soothing power of AprèsFlex, I knew I had to make it the cornerstone of my new formulation for Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

You see, most boswellia products only contain about 2% of AKBA. But AprèsFlex contains 10 times more! That’s why I can promise you, with every confidence, that this formula will make your joints feel better and more comfortable—starting in as few as 7 days.

Here’s how AprèsFlex helps keep your inflammatory response healthy:

Imagine, for a moment, that the discomfort in your joints is like a furious forest fire in the wilderness—and the only way firefighters can battle it is with water-carrying helicopters.

Taking ordinary boswellia would be the equivalent of one helicopter dropping a single payload. But AprèsFlex is like drenching the blaze all day and all night!

Even better, these same choppers can return every single day, saturating the ground so that remaining embers never get the chance to flare up.

With help from Joint Advantage Gold 5X, you’ll help to keep those fires extinguished every single day and night!

Researchers were stunned when they witnessed the effects of AprèsFlex!

Doctors and researchers conducted a 90-day clinical test of AprèsFlex on two groups of subjects. One group was given 100 mg AprèsFlex (the exact amount I’ve included in Joint Advantage Gold 5X), while the other group was given 100 mg of another popular form of boswellia.

The results were impressive…

AprèsFlex exhibited significant improvements in all areas tested! Specifically, the subjects who got the same AprèsFlex that’s in my Joint Advantage Gold 5X experienced:

  • Reduction in discomfort!
  • Improvement in stiffness!
  • Improvement in functional ability!

In another double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study (the “gold standard” of scientific research), another group of subjects were given AprèsFlex for 7 days. And again, the results were impressive, confirming that this advanced boswellia extract truly does have the power to make a significant difference in comfort and flexibility, quickly.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

And I think you clearly understand why I had to include the soothing power of AprèsFlex in my joint relief formula.

Starting in just 7 days, AprèsFlex produces noticeable results!

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, 59 people were given either 100 mg of AprèsFlex or a placebo for five days.

AprèsFlex showed a better reduction in discomfort AND better joint functioning!

Thanks to the super-bioavailable boswellia extract in AprèsFlex, Joint Advantage Gold 5X delivers more inflammation-soothing power than the ordinary boswellia found in other joint products.

Imagine what you can do with this newfound flexibility
and freedom from joint discomfort!

You’ll garden, bowl, play with grandkids, shop, travel, swim, golf, dance, and enjoy life like you haven’t been able to in recent years.

With help from Joint Advantage Gold 5X, you’ll get your life back.

“The results of AprèsFlex after 30 days are even more impressive!”

My Own Proprietary Blend of Traditional Herbs for Truly Healthy Joints

Joint Advantage Gold 5X includes my own proprietary HerbaZyme™ Soothing Blend™ of herbs that have been traditionally used for hundreds of years. This potent blend includes…

  • Wild Rosella. Known in folk medicine as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Devil’s Claw. Derived from the roots of the plant.
  • White Willow. Extracted from the bark of the white willow tree and used for thousands of years.
  • Feverfew. Used traditionally to help maintain health.
  • Papaya. Used in traditional medicine for its enzyme content.
  • Bromelain. Extracted from pineapple stems and used by traditional herbalists.
Dr. David Williams

Real people… Real relief… Real results!

Now Terrie has her joint discomfort “under control” and doesn’t feel limited in her activities!

“I really like the joint formula. My discomfort is much more under control and I don’t feel nearly as limited in what I can do! When I first started taking it I couldn’t hardly bend my left knee without it hurting. Now, it just hurts mildly if I overdo it playing with my little grandchildren. Thanks for a great product!”*
—Terrie W., OK

JoAnn is “very impressed” with her new relief secret!
JoAnn Photo

”Your joint relief product has given me relief in my thumb and fingers… It does improve my flexibility when using my hand and I am very impressed with the supplement’s ability to alleviate discomfort.”*
—JoAnn H., NC

JoAnn Photo
Norm is now as active as he was in his 30s!

“I have had discomfort off and on...but since I started using your product and following your advice, my life is so much better for not having to favor my right leg/knee anymore.
“I continue to work and play, even though I am now 68 years old.”*
—Norm M., LA


Help Your Body Keep Your Joints Strong and Vital!

Now that we’ve relieved the discomfort in your joints—my Joint Advantage Gold 5X has another important task to perform for you, and that is to…

Fight the urge to wither away

Your joints can really take a beating over the years. Decades of wear and tear can take a toll. Time can also make you less and less mobile.

The result is that your sedentary life is causing discomfort and, ultimately, immobility sets in because it simply hurts too much to climb, bend, stretch, or even walk.

The perfect solution is to help your body maintain the health of your joints as much as possible so they don’t get worse—and even improve.

I’ve seen very few other natural ingredients test this well!

That's what makes Glucosamine Sulfate one of the most recognized joint supportive ingredients there is. And that's why I've been using it and recommending it for almost two decades.

Here’s my 100% GUARANTEED “Get Back in Action” Promise to You:

Try Joint Advantage Gold 5X completely at no risk!

If it isn’t all I promise, you won’t pay a penny for it.
How many other joint products dare to make this promise? But I will—because it really works!
—Dr. David Williams


Satisfied Customers Are Delighted by Their
Results with Dr. Williams’ Original Joint Formula

“I walk about 3–4 miles per day!”
“I used to run 5 miles a day for 35 years, when my knees started hurting I quit.
“Now I take Dr. Williams’ joint relief product... I walk about 3 or 4 miles per day 3 to 4 times a week.”*
—John “Bud” L., OH

"Now it’s easier to walk up steps and hills!"
“I was amazed how well Dr. Williams’ joint relief product worked for my knees. I was having trouble with steps and hills, after a couple of weeks of taking it I found it was easier to go up and down steps and hills. I have recommended his joint relief supplement to a lot of my friends. Hope it works for everyone like it has for me.“*
—Paul S., PA

“Noticed improvement after just a week or two!”
“I have noticed an improvement after just a week or two. I like the size of the pills, they are easy to swallow. Thank you for your good product.”*
—Jozef L., CO

Just think of how much better you’ll feel with the ingredients contained in Dr. Williams’ joint discomfort product—Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

With my “Get Back in Action” Guarantee if you don't start feeling relief, it's FREE! Plus you'll get FREE shipping.

I’m inviting you to try my Joint Advantage Gold 5X so you can experience the wonderful difference firsthand. “You must be COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE or it’s FREE!”

Here’s my 100% Guaranteed “Get Back in Action” Promise to You:

Try Joint Advantage Gold 5X completely at no risk!

If it isn’t all I promise, you won’t pay a penny for it.
How many other joint products dare to make this promise? But I will—because it really works!
—Dr. David Williams


James Is “Tickled”
By His Results After Just One Week!

“I have tried a lot of things to help with discomfort in my shoulders and knees. I would wake up several times a night with nagging discomfort... When I awoke in the morning, I had a lot of sore parts of my body.

“Now that I have been on your joint relief formula I am really almost clear of all my [joint] discomfort.

“I am amazed that I can get up in the morning without the stiffness I used to have. I am tickled that this seems to be working in about a week.

“I am impressed so far and thankful that something really works great.”*
—James R., ID


Few Things In Nature Provide Relief So Quickly!

You wouldn’t believe how stunned I was to discover such a wonderful breakthrough hiding inside the common egg…

I’ve spent the majority of my career researching, treating patients, and reporting on the biggest breakthroughs in alternative medicine and natural healing…

But this discovery is one of the most impressive of them all!

Hiding in the paper-thin membrane that clings to the inside wall of a hen’s eggs is a complex of nutrients that delivers the building blocks of healthy joints.

When analyzed, scientists discovered that this membrane contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, collagen, and hyaluronic acid—the very same compounds found in healthy joint cartilage.


And we’ve been throwing them away!

That’s right. More than 600,000 tons of these nutrient-rich eggshells go to landfills every year in the US. But no longer.

Now that we recognize how beneficial and precious these membranes are, they’re being made into one of the most promising new joint-helpers I’ve ever seen. Here’s the story…

When scientists realized the unique composition of eggshell membrane, they wanted to see if it might have a beneficial effect on the process that causes joint discomfort.

So they created a highly concentrated form of this membrane and, in the lab, exposed it to the same acid-like cytokines that trigger an inflammatory response in joint cartilage.

The result? Like dousing a small blaze with a chemical fire extinguisher!

The researchers became very intrigued. So the next step was human trials—and the results were equally impressive.

Discomfort levels began to drop. Weeks later, levels continued to plummet, with remarkable increases in flexibility also recorded.

Thus was born NEM® (natural eggshell membrane)—and as soon as I saw the published research, I knew I had to add it to Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

NEM lets you climb, bend, and twist—with much less discomfort

Look at these dramatic clinical results:

In human studies, NEM eased joint pain experienced after exercise...

In a 4-week controlled study, 60 adult women took either 500 mg of NEM or a placebo, while following an exercise routine. Using the highly respected Visual Analog Scale (VAS), their level of pain was rated immediately after and one day after the exercise.

The people who had taken NEM experienced a decrease in post-exercise joint discomfort, compared to the placebo group.

This is incredibly good news for you!

Now you can resume the activities you may have had to stop—with no worry of discomfort.

Taking NEM is like tossing baking soda on a grease fire!

A pre-clinical laboratory experiment showed that when NEM came in contact with these cytokine chemicals in human blood, they were significantly neutralized (by 44%–55%)—especially TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor alpha), perhaps the nastiest of all inflammatory cytokines.

I, too, was equally impressed. That’s why I added a whopping 500 mg of purified NEM extract (the exact clinically studied dose), PLUS 100 mg of joint-healthy building blocks from one of nature’s best sources—pure bovine cartilage—to the superstar “joint re-activator ingredients” in my Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

Gary’s Discomfort Was Reduced in Days!

After taking Dr. Williams’ original joint health product, Gary was working again…exercising again…and walking comfortably. Here’s his true story:

“Recently, because of discomfort in the right knee, I had been taking your joint relief product in the morning and evening.

“The discomfort level reduced [so fast]…that I began walking comfortably. Since then…I am able to hold my own in exercise and at work.

“It also allowed me to hold my coffee cup and eating utensils using my thumb again.

“I have been taking your vitamins for approximately 30 years, so I can attest to their quality.”*
—Gary W., TN

Here’s my personal invitation and 100% guarantee to…


with my Joint Advantage Gold 5X!

Thanks to Dr. Williams’ joint formula and advice, Joseph is moving like he did years ago...

JoAnn Photo

“Within days the discomfort was mostly gone!”

“…I felt strong pain in my knees each time I stood up from a chair and it took a while before discomfort
diminished. Squatting down was an error because it was very difficult to stand up again. Exercise was out of the question.

“Within days of taking Dr. Williams’ joint relief product again, all was much better and the discomfort was mostly gone… and I could exercise vigorously and walk briskly.

“[Now], I can exercise and move and at age 68, people are somewhat amazed...”*
—Joseph G., NH

*Individual results may vary. Subjects can expect up to 60% improvement in discomfort after 90 days.

Ever hear the phrase “Use it or lose it”? Well, there’s a world of medical wisdom in those five little words.

That’s because regular physical activity is a genuine Fountain of Youth that can keep you healthy, happy, and vibrantly alive. It’s a fact that every organ in the human body functions better (and longer) when you’re active.

So it’s easy to see why joint problems can impact your overall health. When we are sore and stiff, we may not feel like moving. But staying active is the key to maintaining cardiovascular health, brain health, our mood, and a healthy weight.

Physical activity isn’t just a health-builder; it can be a lifesaver.

But did you also know that staying in motion is one of the best ways to preserve and extend the life of your joints—even in our later years?

It’s absolutely true! And I’ll explain why...

As I have often reported in my Alternatives health letter, movement is the body’s natural pain reliever.

Though it may be the last thing you feel like doing when your joints are aching, exercise—especially gentle, rhythmic, and repetitious motions—can trigger the release of endorphins and beneficial proteins called cytokine inhibitors, which helps you feel good and naturally reduces inflammation.

The trick is: How do you get started if your joints are aching all the time? And when you stop moving: How can you keep the discomfort down when those soothing natural compounds wear off and your aches and soreness start to set in again?

Dr. Williams' original joint relief product got them "Back in Action" FAST! Just think of how much better you'll feel when you take his new, FAST acting Joint Advantage Gold 5X formula!

JoAnn Photo

Hiking and Dancing Again!
“I ordered Dr. Williams’ joint relief product for [my husband] and he noticed an improvement. Now it has been two weeks and he [hardly has any discomfort]...and he can go hiking and dancing without restrictions.”*
—Renate K., CA

He’s Sprinting!
“I decided to take Dr. Williams’ joint relief product when I started playing slow pitch softball... I have worked up to six 80-yard sprints [running at top speed!]… In the off season I take two per day. [I’m now] beginning 5-per-week workouts.”*
—Steve F., KS

She’s Back in Action!
 “I originally purchased Dr. Williams’ original joint product because I was having knee and joint discomfort and it was really hard for me to exercise and do my knee lunges…It has made a tremendous difference in how often I exercise…I can definitely tell the difference…It works great!”*
—Dina W., IN

Give your joints a special “Triple Advantage”

That’s why I created Joint Advantage Gold 5Xto keep you active and comfortable, no matter how many miles (or years) your joints have on them.

Joint Advantage Gold 5X addresses all three joint-related concerns that cause folks to hang up their gym shoes and take up residence in their easy chair.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to finally tackle the joint aches that have been keeping you from doing the things you love? Now’s the time to get “Back in Action” at last and get the extra-strength relief from Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

Are You Itching to Get Back in Action?

Here’s my promise to you: Try Joint Advantage Gold 5X for up to 90 days completely or your money back!

If it isn’t all I promise, you won’t pay a penny for it. How many other joint products dare to make that promise?

But I will—because it really works!



Five Unique Complexes in One Remarkable Formula!

Nutrient Daily Dose
Glucosamine Sulfate  1,500 mg
(Boswellia serrata extract)
100 mg
HerbaZyme™ Soothing Comfort Blend 400 mg
NEM® Eggshell Membrane 500 mg
Bovine Cartilage  100 mg

Contains: Shellfish (Shrimp, Crab), and Egg

Search the world over and you’ll never find this exact combination of nutrients in one convenient pill.

Now you can get the relief you need, plus free gifts, and make life fun again!

Are You Ready to Gain the “Triple Advantage,” Too?

I hope I’ve convinced you that my Joint Advantage Gold 5X is a fast-acting and effective supplement for promoting healthy joints.

But if you have any lingering doubt, I’m inviting you to put Joint Advantage Gold 5X to the ultimate test…

Try it now for up to 90 days to experience how wonderful life can be without limitations—or it's FREE! No questions asked.

I’m making it as easy as possible for you to try Joint Advantage Gold 5X.

  1. Experience complete comfort or it's FREE! If you don’t love it within 90 days, you pay nothing—and won’t risk a cent.
  2. You’ll get Free Shipping. I’ll pay the postage and handling charges to have it delivered to your door.

Here’s all I ask of you:

When your Joint Advantage Gold 5X arrives, just take two tablets twice a day—and notice how quickly the discomfort in your joints diminishes.

Very soon, you’ll be rarin’ to return to your favorite activities with gusto. Yes, you’ll be feeling that good!

Even better: your joints actually will be improving day after day.

The amazing “Triple Advantage” is why!

Amazing Advantage #1: Helps keep everyday discomfort in check. Because it contains a clinically backed dose of boswellia, a daily dose provides enough power to start reducing joint discomfort in as little as 5 days. Yet, it’s so safe that you can take Joint Advantage Gold 5X to stay comfortable day and night.

Amazing Advantage #2: Revitalizes joints. Joint Advantage Gold 5X is fortified with 1,500 mg of the highest quality glucosamine sulfate, plus chondroitin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and joint-healthy building blocks from pure bovine cartilage.

Amazing Advantage #3: Relieves your joint discomfort. With its natural eggshell membrane, Joint Advantage Gold 5X is able to relieve your aching joints and return you to comfort.

This “Triple Advantage” is what makes Joint Advantage Gold 5X “the perfect solution” for your aching joints!

Enjoy a Guaranteed 90-Day Trial now—and see for yourself!

I’m inviting you to try my Joint Advantage Gold 5X today and giving you a full 90 days to make up your mind.

If you don’t experience the dramatic relief and improvement I’ve promised, just return the unused portion within 90 days and I’ll issue you an immediate refund.

And to thank you for your interest, please keep the two valuable Bonus Gifts you’ll receive with your shipment with my compliments.

“Never Surrender”!

I created Joint Advantage Gold 5X for people who realize how essential physical activity is to their health, vitality, and longevity.
It’s perfect for people who want to stay active, strong, flexible, and in motion for many years to come. For young-at-heart people like you!


You can’t go wrong with my
“Get Back in Action” Guarantee!

Joint Advantage Gold 5X must restore and improve your activity and comfort levels within days—or it’s free. It’s that simple.

How many other joint products dare to make this promise? But I will—because it really works!