How to Get the Best, Fastest Relief from Your Instaflex Pain Relief Cream

10/23/2019 | 1 min. read

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Usage Tips from Dr. Pergolizzi

  • Don’t wait until your pain gets worse! Use Instaflex Pain Relief Cream to help prevent pain before activities or to knock it out at the very first sign.
  • Make sure you use enough. It’s important to rub in the right amount—this "Coin Key" shows my recommendations for adequate coverage.

OxyRub Pain Relief

  • Massage in Instaflex Pain Relief Cream until it’s completely absorbed. The rubbing action stimulates circulation and increases relief multifold.
  • You can continue to use the pain cream daily and look for even greater relief with repeated use.
  • Use it at any time—you don’t have to worry about a medicinal smell or greasy feel, thanks to its pleasant, citrus scent, and non-greasy, easily absorbable formula.

PREPARE before activity…

Before you exercise or in preparation for any physical exertion, rub Instaflex Pain Relief Cream into vulnerable areas, such as knees and elbows. Or, if you regularly wake up with a stiff neck or shoulders, rub it in before you go to sleep.

BONUS TIP: Consider keeping a tube in your car, your purse, or on your nightstand. After a long walk or a day running errands, you’ll feel relief before you get back home.

RECUPERATE after exercise…

For faster recuperation after you exercise, and to avoid trouble spots and tight muscles, massage in Instaflex Pain Relief Cream after your workout.

RELIEF if you’re hurt or sore…

If you’ve got a bruise or stressed muscles, tendons, or ligaments, rub in the pain relief cream right away and for as long as you feel any pain to relieve discomfort. Also, try using it along with a cold compress for particularly effective relief.


Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Meet Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi is an internationally recognized expert in pain medicine who has spent much of his career studying what pain is, why it occurs, and how best to treat it. That experience has led him to believe strongly that there are often ways to relieve or manage pain which are overlooked or discounted, and that the most effective treatment approaches are always multi-modal.

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