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06/23/2014 | 2 min. read

Trilane Beauty Editor

Trilane Beauty Editor

Get Rid of Lip Lines With This Natural 2-Step Method

For many women, the first sign of aging is wrinkles around the lips, or “lip lines.” Because of the sadness many women experience when they see lip lines and other signs of aging, they subject themselves to painful therapies that provide only temporary results, such as Botox and resurfacing techniques (processes that burn off layers of skin and require weeks to heal).

This is completely unnecessary! By combining a gentle natural treatment protocol with eliminating a couple bad habits, you can improve the appearance of lip lines without the hassle, expense, and discomfort of conventional treatments. Better yet, the effects of this two-step method are cumulative over time, so the older you get, the better you look.

How To Get Rid of Lip Lines

Step 1: Stop Pursing Your Lips

The problem: Skin reshapes itself according to the forces that are chronically applied to it. The predominant force that shapes your lips is the orbicularis oris muscle, which forms a purse-string–like ring around your mouth. Contracting this muscle causes your lips to “purse” and pulls the surrounding skin into radiating folds. With repetition, the folding creates creases in the skin’s deeper layers. New layers of skin then accommodate and deepen those creases.

The solution: Botox injections can paralyze the culprit muscle fibers and help minimize the progression of these lines, but treatments are expensive and not without risk. You can get rid of lip lines by simply by not smoking, using drinking straws, or engaging in similar actions that routinely contract the orbicularis oris muscle.

Step 2: Moisturize With Squalane and Jojoba Oil

The problem: Dehydrated skin causes deep, abundant creases, while plump, moist skin resists folding and keeps its shape. In conventional dermatology, lip line “ditches” are filled with painful injections of fillers such as collagen and Restylane.

The solution: Explore luxurious, top-quality moisturizers that can “re-plump” affected skin. The result is a smoother, fuller look than the somewhat artificial appearance produced by injections.

Squalane oil, which comes from olives, plus jojoba esters—both of which are virtually identical to a woman’s own skin oils—do what most typical moisturizers do not: they penetrate the skin and are highly absorbable. In fact, squalane oil is so easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, some studies show it to have been absorbed completely within two seconds! By penetrating the skin’s layers, the moisturizing and powerful antioxidants effects of the squalane truly changes the quality of your skin from the inside out and improves it. It does not sit on top of your skin like most moisturizers, providing only artificial plumping.

Don’t let lip lines get the best of you. Make a conscious effort to practice muscle relaxation around the mouth and moisturize with squalane and jojoba oil to maintain the look you love.

Now It’s Your Turn: What have you done to get rid of lip lines?

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