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Knowing your own personal Ayurvedic mind-body type (your dosha) is the key to good health. Think of your dosha as a personal blueprint that helps you understand why you are the way you are, physically and physiologically. The more you understand your dosha, the more you can fine-tune your food and lifestyle choices to support your unique health needs. Even the most pure and healthy whole-food diets will not yield the same results for everyone. Your dosha determines the details.

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In the Discovering Your Dosha quiz, you will learn:

  • Your primary, secondary and possibly tertiary doshas
  • The unique qualities and characteristics of your dosha and how the choices you make affect your mind-body type
  • If you have a dosha imbalance and the changes you can make to regain balance and good health

Plus, you’ll receive ongoing communications from Dr. Chaudhary about addressing the underlying causes of your dosha imbalance with diet and lifestyle choices