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Berberine GLucoGold+

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Of course, healthy eating and exercising are important to improve and balance blood sugar levels—but for so many people it’s just not enough. A combination of FOUR NUTRIENTS can make a profound difference in maintaining healthy, normal blood sugar levels. Berberine GlucoGold+ contains these four clinically validated blood sugar all-star ingredients that support healthy blood sugar while also providing benefits for cardiovascular health. This powerhouse Berberine GlucoGold+ formula combines the full researched dose of BeberPure® berberine, Crominex 3+, a special form of chromium, Banaba leaf, and cinnamon into one powerful blood sugar solution.


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“My husband hasn’t even finished his first bottle of Berberine GlucoGold and his A1C numbers have already [improved]!”
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“I have used for 6 months and [I have improved bloodwork]. So happy with the change and so is my doctor. It works.” —Nancy L., MD

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“We have found Berberine GlucoGold to be effective in supporting both blood sugar and cholesterol. And it is simple and easy to use. Consistently recommend to others because of the success we’ve experienced in three family members.”
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*with healthy diet and excercise