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Dr. Susan Lark is one of the foremost authorities in the field of women’s health. Her innovative holistic treatment methods focus on hormone balance as the best way to prevent and treat various physical and emotional health conditions. She believes that every woman in her late 30s and beyond falls into one of three hormonal patterns, and these patterns help determine the patient’s ideal treatment plan for conditions such as PMS, fatigue, menopause symptom relief, depression, anxiety, breast and vaginal health, arthritis, and more. Get started learning more today.

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How Your pH Level Affects Your Health

Women who maintain this alkaline pH rarely fall victim to conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic fatigue. They remain more vibrant than their overly acidic peers and are able to live more active, fulfilling lives.

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Successful Weight Loss for Women

The answer to successful weight loss is not fad diets. The only real way to lose weight fast and maintain optimal weight is by making lifestyle changes that involve diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.

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