Control Your Pain by Following a Pain Diet

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Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi


What You Eat Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Control Pain

Many people—including physicians—do not recognize dietary changes as a strategy for  controlling pain. What they may not know or understand is that a close connection exists between what you eat and how you feel.

In my experience, anyone trying to manage and control pain must view everything they eat as part of a multi-faceted pain treatment plan. What that means is you’ll get the best results by combining several therapies so that you’re fining pain in more than one way at a time.

A piece of that therapy puzzle is your diet. Some foods actually help to reduce inflammation, which means they can help control pain. Conversely, there are also foods that cause inflammation and pain.

I’ve compiled a list of foods that impact inflammation, pain – and ultimately pain relief.

 As you begin following a pain diet, remember that nutrition is highly individual. The things that work for you may be different from the things that work for others. But once you learn what works well for you, it can be a highly effective part of your pain treatment plan.

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Meet Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi is an internationally recognized expert in pain medicine who has spent much of his career studying what pain is, why it occurs, and how best to treat it. That experience has led him to believe strongly that there are often ways to relieve or manage pain which are overlooked or discounted, and that the most effective treatment approaches are always multi-modal.

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