Neck Skin Care: Ten Tips You Need to Know

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Neck Skin Care: Ten Tips You Need to Know

Believe it or not, the neck is one of the first body parts to show the signs of aging. That’s because the neck is almost as exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays and environmental factors as the face. And to make matters worse, the skin on the neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands to keep it moist and smooth. Yet despite these facts, we often ignore the neck when it comes to skin care.

Don’t let your neck give away your age. Here are ten neck skin care tips to incorporate into your natural skin care program—today!

  1. Include your neck. Whatever skin care regimen you have for your face, include your neck—particularly when using products that moisturize.

  2. Start neck skin care early. A 17 year old who diligently cares for the skin on her neck will have far less problems than the 60 year old who starts a neck skin care regimen. While it’s never too late to start, the earlier you begin the better—especially if your neck has not yet begun to tell tales.

  3. Love the humidity. Humidity can be your neck’s best friend. If you live in a dry climate or work in a dry environment, use a humidifier.

  4. Drink more water. Hydration makes skin look better, which applies to the neck as well as the face. Avoid things that dehydrate you such as coffee drinks and alcohol.

  5. Keep it moist. Moisturize your neck after every shower or bath. Pat your skin dry, then slather on lots of moisturizer. Put on more than you think you need. Don’t worry, your neck will take it.

  6. Take a moisturizer break. If you can work it into your daily routine, take time during the day to put a little moisturizer on your neck. We take time periodically to put on hand lotion, so why not let the neck join the party?

  7. Shield it from the sun. Don’t forget the neck when applying sunscreen, which should be every time you go out. Your neck might not tan or sunburn, but it still does not need any ultraviolet radiation. Remember the skin on the neck is ultra-thin and is more susceptible to environmental damage than skin on your arms or legs.

  8. Protect your neck. If you live in a cold part of the country, wear garments or a scarf to protect your neck from the cold. The cold can cause the skin on your neck to get red, irritated, and dry.

  9. Oil your neck. Put a thin layer of almond oil or grape seed oil (actually vegetable oil works, too) on your neck. This works best before you go to bed. The oil forms a protective layer that helps keep natural moisture in. It may seem oily at first, but it will absorb into the skin in minutes.

  10. Feel the rub. Treat yourself to a massage or at least a neck rub, often. The skin around the neck can get wrinkled from the tension we carry in our neck and shoulders. A little bit of massage can help loosen those locked-up muscles.
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