Meet Dr. David Williams

Dr. Williams is a lifelong Texan. He grew up on a farm in a small town in the Texas panhandle and earned his bachelor’s degree at Southwest Texas State University. But it was his job as a claims adjuster for a health insurance company that inspired his lifelong mission to give people the best resources available to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

That claims adjuster job connected him with countless people injured in accidents—and he witnessed firsthand the efficacy (or lack thereof) of many different treatment methods. Case in point; people with back injuries who relied on surgery and drugs often never fully regained strength and mobility, but those who used chiropractic, acupuncture, mobility exercises, and other “natural” or “alternative” therapies had a much better chance at recovering.

While the insurance company never learned any lessons from these easily observed outcomes, Dr. Williams did. He went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and established the Williams Chiropractic Clinic, which became the largest non-invasive medical facility in central Texas.

His diverse patient roster included everyone from children to 90-year-olds. Not only did he work with professional athletes, fine-tuning them so they could run just a little bit faster or jump just a little bit higher, but he also helped people with more modest goals to get up in the morning without pain and stiffness; to heal from an injury, accident, or even paralysis; to enjoy simple pleasures like playing with grandkids; to not just live, but thrive!

Dr. Williams now shares his vast amount of knowledge through his work with Healthy Directions. Not only does he highlight his expertise in bone/joint health and mobility, he also provides solutions for other areas in which he has gained a vast amount of experience over the years. This includes men’s health and gut/microbiome balance. In fact, he began researching probiotics in the 1980s before the term was even a household word!

Empowering the Health Conscious

For 30 years, Dr. Williams shared his cutting-edge research and discoveries through his monthly newsletter, Alternatives. Its goal: to provide natural health alternatives to health-conscious individuals so they aren’t limited to conventional medicine’s one-size-fits-all approach. Today, he continues to convey this important message through online articles and social media posts—benefitting thousands and creating a worldwide community of like-minded health enthusiasts.

Solutions Know
No Borders

Using leads provided to him by an extensive international network of scientists and researchers, Dr. Williams has travelled the world investigating natural treatments for not only bone and joint issues, but almost every major health concern. His travels have spanned six continents and countless countries, and he has identified almost 30 breakthrough ingredients that he has incorporated into treatments and supplements.

Today, he continues to follow the research and has written about, recommended, and utilized some of the most cutting-edge nutrients in the world.

Pioneer in
Joint Health Solutions

Drawing upon decades of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Williams is acutely aware of what joints, bones, and cartilage need to function properly and stay in peak condition. As early as 1992, before it was a household name, he wrote about chondroitin sulfate’s beneficial effects on joints and arthritis. In 1994, he repeated the scoop for glucosamine sulfate. Today, he has filled the world in on little-known ingredients that make a huge difference in joint health, including eggshell membrane, palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), and even ashwagandha.

Making Solutions Available to YOU

Over the years, Dr. Williams quickly learned that many of his readers simply didn’t have access to—or didn’t know where to find—many of the cutting-edge nutrients or products he would recommend. So, through his Williams Nutrition supplements, relevant products were developed to meet that growing need. His proprietary formulas support joint health, prostate function, stress reduction, gut and microbiome balance, and more.

Dr. Williams continues to stay on top of the latest research to serve not only as a watchdog for consumers, but also to help health-conscious individuals find effective, natural solutions for their health problems.

Dr. Williams only recommends products and therapies that work safely and effectively, without harmful side effects. He personally evaluates numerous nutrients and supplements rigorously—if he wouldn’t take it himself, or recommend it to his own family and loved ones, he’s certainly not going to offer it to you!