Instaflex Family of Products



Unfortunately, feelings of discomfort are a part of everyday life. In fact, many people have considered it to be part of their daily routine. Whether acute or chronic, pain can diminish your quality of life.

Instaflex Pain Relief

Thankfully, our Instaflex family of products aims to provide relief for those living with the pain that comes from joint discomfort and the pains that come with everyday aches and sore muscles.

Pain Relief Creams

Our Instaflex® Pain Relief Cream is formulated with exclusive oxygenated oil and menthol, a topical analgesic ingredient. It delivers nearly twice the pain relief as compared to other menthol-only creams, providing temporary relief for minor aches and muscle and joint pains associated with simple backaches, arthritis, sprains, and strains.

Instaflex® Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream delivers twice the menthol power and 2X the pain-fighting ingredients with the addition of methyl salicylate.

Pain Relief Spray and Roll-On

These same active ingredients can also be found in our Instaflex® Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray and our mess-free Instaflex® Pain Relief Roll-On.

For Nighttime Pain Relief

Those looking for joint ache relief may enjoy our Instaflex® PM. It features Levagen+, Ashwagandha extract, and GABA, making it a dual-action nighttime formula that supports healthy joint function and restful sleep.

For joint discomfort, you can also try our Instaflex® Super Turmeric, each serving boasts 1000 mg of Curcumin C3®Complex Turmeric Extract to support joint health.

Our Instaflex family of pain relief creams features doctor-developed and clinically validated formulas aimed at providing fast-acting relief for everyday aches and soreness as well as joint and muscle pain.