Adult Stem Cell Therapy Is the Future of Medicine

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Stem cell therapy has been an intensely controversial subject because of its association with human embryonic cells. But new technologies, which make it possible to use patients’ own stem cells, eliminate all ethical and safety concerns and have opened the door to widespread use. Adult stem cells have the ability to differentiate, or change, into several cell types—including cartilage, connective tissue, muscle, and bone—and help regenerate and repair diseased or damaged areas of the body. 

Adult stem cell therapy is a pretty simple procedure. A few ounces of fat—the richest repository of adult stem cells—are removed during a quick liposuction procedure. The fat is separated out, leaving millions of concentrated, viable stem cells that are then returned to the body.

There are many health concerns that can be treated with adult stem cell therapy, including arthritis and joint pain, respiratory issues, stroke rehabilitation, heart conditions, autoimmune disorders, and neurological problems. 

For respiratory, autoimmune, neurological, and other conditions, adult stem cells are infused intravenously, as they naturally migrate to areas of injury and degeneration. For joint pain, they are also injected directly into the problem area.

The entire process, which is done in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia and light sedation, takes no more than an hour. There’s no downtime, and the only discomfort, if any, is at the injection site. 

Adult stem cell therapy is not necessarily a cure for everything that ails you. Nobody can guarantee results with this or any other treatment, and outcomes vary from patient to patient. However, adult stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and has the potential to reverse disease, alleviate suffering, and improve quality of life. Learn more about how adult stem cell therapy may be able to help you by visiting the Newport Beach Stem Cell Treatment Center

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