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Digestive health is one of the cornerstones of overall well-being. We feed and fuel our bodies through the foods and nutrients we eat — our gut plays an essential role in how these nutrients get processed.

Gut Microbiome Support

The gut microbiome is a complex network of bacteria that is found throughout the digestive system. This community of living microorganisms — made up of bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa — is called microflora and essential for a balanced digestive system and overall gut health.

In fact, bacteria in the gut is responsible for many essential functions:

● Gut bacteria assist in breaking down foods to help make nutrients readily available;

● Helps to maintain the integrity of the GI tract layers;

● Supports a healthy immune system

When it comes to gut health, balance is key. Thankfully, healthy strains of bacteria known as probiotics are one way to help maintain and restore a healthy gut microbiome. Here are a few:

Gut Restore and Gut Restore Advanced

For comfortable digestion, a healthy GI tract, and a happier microbiome

Gut Restore and Gut Restore Advanced delivers probiotic strength with 11 healthy strains to help restore gut microbiome balance with four specialized probiotic blends: Soil-based, yeast-based, lactic acid-based, and fermented botanical blends.

These complex blends help to:

● Aid regularity

● Lessen digestive upset

● Boost mood.

Gut Prep Digestive Enzymes

Gut Prep Digestive Enzymes offer a compelling blend of 10 plant-based digestive enzymes to help break down hard-to-digest foods and provide the proper support for enzymatic activity in the upper GI tract.

The blend is complete with macronutrient enzymes, such as protein, fat, fiber, and complex carbohydrate digestive enzymes, lactose, legume, and grain digestive enzymes.

Digestive health is often overlooked. However, our LifeBiome supplements offer maximum strength probiotic blends to help keep your gut in tip-top shape.