Hawthorn Berry for Blood Pressure: Benefits & Dosage

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

I’ve often said that some of the best heart health solutions come from nature, and blood pressure is no exception. One of the best natural solutions for supporting healthy blood pressure is hawthorn berry extract.

What is hawthorn? It’s a group of plants in the Crataegus genus. They are thorny shrubs or small trees with bright green leaves and white flowers—and most recognizably, bright red berries.

Hawthorn has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and European herbal medicine. In fact, some species of hawthorn are officially listed in the pharmaceutical encyclopedias in countries like Germany, France, England, and China—and with good reason. Hawthorn extract is one of nature’s best solutions for high blood pressure.

How Hawthorn Berry Helps High Blood Pressure

Hawthorn extract, which comes from the leaves and flowers of the hawthorn plant, contains potent flavonoids and oligomeric procyanidins which act as “natural ACE inhibitors.”

ACE inhibitor medications work by helping to slow the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). This protein, which is produced in your lungs, is first converted by your body into angiotensin I, a harmless molecule. Then, it’s converted into angiotensin II which is an extremely powerful blood vessel constrictor.

In people with arterial disease, ACE may be overactive which can raise your blood pressure. ACE inhibitors help by relaxing the blood vessel walls which helps to lower blood pressure levels. They also help to protect the heart muscle cell membranes from being oxidized.

How Much Hawthorn Berry Extract Should You Take?

For blood pressure support, I recommend taking 500 mg of hawthorn extract 2-3 times daily. It helps to reduce peripheral vascular resistance by relaxing the blood vessels, lowering high blood pressure.

Always check with your doctor before taking hawthorn. That’s especially critical if you’re taking prescription heart medications.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

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