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Is berberine really a magic bullet for weight loss? When should it be taken? Is it safe? Dr. Drew Sinatra answers these and other questions about berberine.


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Blood Sugar: A Holistic Conversation About Diabetes, Insulin Resistance & Heart Health

Blood Sugar: A Holistic Conversation About Diabetes, Insulin Resistance & Heart Health

Dr. Drew Sinatra Dr. Drew Sinatra

In this special episode of Be HEALTHistic, naturopathic physician Dr. Drew Sinatra welcomes internist Dr. Ken Redcross to discuss the impact that blood sugar can have on our heart health, and how this relationship is integral to our overall health and well-being. First, the doctors discuss how almost 12% of the population has Type 2 diabetes, and they share the red flags that signal blood sugar issues. The doctors talk about the role of insulin in the body, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, how the American diet is fueling obesity, hypertension and blood sugar issues, and how metabolic syndrome is often the result of this tangle of conditions. Next, the doctors dive into the differences in the diet and lifestyle in America vs. Europe, and why the Mediterranean diet is so healthy, particularly for cardiovascular health and blood sugar control. They talk about the importance of movement, and how continuous glucose monitors can help patients track blood sugar, but at a cost. From there, they touch upon the importance of AMPK and talk about fasting. Finally, the doctors discuss berberine, a natural solution for the management of blood sugar that is comparable with Metformin, an anti-diabetic drug. They also share some other supplements that support healthy blood sugar and discuss why vitamin D is an important nutrient to be getting enough of. Don’t miss this super-informative and engaging episode of Be HEALTHistic!

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