The Turmeric that Supports Cognitive Health & Calms the Mind

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If I asked you how often you count on your brain to work, you’d likely tell me, “every second of every day.” It’s one organ we count on all the time, to think, recall words and names as needed, and to do tasks like balancing the checkbook and follow conversations.

Yet, as we age so does our brain. Plus, what I’m finding is that the increased mental stress and exertion we’ve all been under is taking a measurable toll. That’s because elevated and prolonged emotional stress reduces the brain’s ability to function properly.

At the top of my list of nutrients to support brain health and mental sharpness is turmeric, which is a nutrient I also highly recommend for the heart. But the form of turmeric your brain needs is entirely different.

The Reason Most Turmeric Doesn’t Have Much Effect

Turmeric’s heart- and brain-supporting abilities come from curcumin, which is what gives the turmeric spice its bright yellow color. But as powerful as it is, it’s a tough nutrient for your body to absorb and use.

One problem is that it’s “hydrophobic,” which means it repels water. That prevents it from getting into your bloodstream to circulate where it’s needed. Plus, curcumin is rapidly metabolized, so much of it passes right through your body unused. To make matters worse, the high acid levels of your stomach destroy it.

Fortunately, there’s a group of university researchers who solved that problem by creating a special form of turmeric called Longvida®. Here’s how it works…

A Special “Lipid Bubble” Gives Your Body the Exact Turmeric It Needs

A group of neuroscientists at UCLA knew about turmeric’s supportive power for the brain—and all of the challenges of getting there. So, they worked to solve the issue and did that by developing a special technology called SLCP™ (Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle).

Simply put, what they found is that by dissolving curcumin in an all-natural lipid layer, they essentially surrounded it with a protective “lipid bubble.” It solves the hydrophobic issue, allowing curcumin to circulate in your bloodstream where it’s needed. It also protects it from the harsh acids in your stomach. And it keeps it from metabolizing too quickly, so the right level of curcumin stays in your system.

Plus—and this is extremely important—that lipid bubble may enable the curcumin to pass through to the tissues where it’s needed.

I also like the fact that their research measured the uptake of free curcumin from Longvida, instead of deactivated or metabolized curcumin. This is a better indicator of curcumin utilization and absorption than curcumin metabolites, which may not represent true curcumin getting into target tissues.

The Clinical Studies Are Extremely Impressive

In clinical studies, participants taking 400 mg daily of Longvida for one month experienced significant, noticeable improvements in cognitive health, versus those taking the placebo, including…

  • Improved cognitive performance—in as little as one hour! Study participants were given a test called Serial 3s, where they were asked to successfully subtract three from a given number continuously until told to stop. This an important benchmark test used by neuroscientists. After 30 days, participants exhibited a significant increase in reaction times within just one hour, with even greater improvements after three hours.
  • Increased mental accuracy. Using that same Serial 3 benchmark test, participants taking Longvida had marked improvements in correct responses within just one hour of taking Longvida.
  • Improved sustained attention and working memory. In a test measuring sustained attention and motor speed, participants taking Longvida showed improvements in three important aspects of mental acuity—alertness, attention, and focus.

Also, at the 30-day mark, those taking Longvida had significantly reduced fatigue after taking a cognitive test—so it improved overall stamina. Plus, it helped participants maintain a feeling of calmness and a feeling of contentedness. Folks, this is a powerful homerun for the brain!

Longvida Gives You Added Heart Benefits, Too

In a placebo-controlled study of middle-aged adults (40-60 years old), those taking 400 mg daily of Longvida for four weeks had numerous health benefits. It boosted nitric oxide levels, which can support healthy blood flow. They also experienced improved markers of cardiovascular and brain health, as well as outstanding antioxidant support.

Plus, another placebo-controlled study of people with an average age of 72 demonstrated that Longvida supported both healthy total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

What Is the Best Way to Take Longvida?

Longvida is such a critical nutrient for brain and heart support that I added it to my new Focal Point® Plus formula, along with Cogniboost® American Ginseng, and Vitamin K2 (MK7). Together, this trifecta of nutrients makes up my brain-boosting “power 3.”

I also like the fact that Longvida helps to calm the mind, which is something we can all use more of right now.

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