Vitamin D & ADHD

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The CDC estimates that almost 10 percent of children in this country have been clinically diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Not surprisingly, 64 percent of those kids have also been diagnosed with a corresponding mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.

If you and your child are in this group, here is some information you need to know:

Research has discovered a significant connection between vitamin D and ADHD. In this study, researchers concluded that the risk of ADHD was 34 percent higher in children whose mother had a vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy than in those children whose mother’s vitamin D level was sufficient during the first and second trimesters.

Blood Sugar & ADHD

Along with vitamin D, there’s also a connection between ADHD and the inability to properly regulate blood sugar—typically due to adrenal insufficiency.

Our adrenal glands work in conjunction with the pancreas in controlling blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels rise too high, the body releases insulin from the pancreas to remove it from the bloodstream and ultimately store it as fat. Conversely, when blood sugar levels fall below normal, the adrenals release the “stress hormone” cortisol in an effort to raise blood sugar levels.

Although there haven’t been a lot of clinical studies exploring the possible link between vitamin D deficiency and adrenal function, this recent study may trigger others. It has been suggested that lower vitamin D levels could affect the adrenal medulla’s ability to produce adequate amounts of hormones.

The vitamin D link, along with increased refined carbohydrate consumption, could be one of the reasons we’ve seen such a dramatic increase in the number of ADHD cases over the last couple of decades. During this period, our society developed a fear of sunshine and began slathering on sunscreen, effectively reducing the body’s natural production of vitamin D.

Eliminating refined carbohydrates, while taking the necessary measures to strengthen the adrenal glands, is a way to correct these issues without resorting to mind-altering medications. Also, be sure to take a vitamin D3 supplement to correct any deficiency there.

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